General FAQ

Who are we?

BuyViews.co is a US-based YouTube Video Marketing company. Our mission is simple: to help aspiring videographers, artists, small businesses, and entrepreneurs succeed with their video promotion goals. Using intelligent short-term and long-term strategies together, we make reaching targeted viewers simple for our customers.

Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our techniques to ensure real, organic credibility for our customers’ videos, making us one of the best YouTube video marketing companies on the web today.

How does all this work?

It starts with an awesome video (that’s your job). You provide us with a great YouTube video and our team will get to work on finding its targeted audience.

We employ a three-step approach to YouTube marketing. First, we build your credibility by getting lots of views, likes, and comments for your video. Then we expand its reach by having some of our influencers help spread the word to their massive lists of followers. Then finally, to ensure long-term organic traction, we engage our comprehensive SEO strategy to move your video to the top of the search engines.

What results can I expect?

The results will vary depending on the campaign that you choose (and the quality of your video, of course). But the three different aspects of our services have slightly different goals.

The Kickstart will gain some immediate social proof for your video. This will encourage future viewers to check out your video to see what all the buzz is about. A greater number of views and longer retention will also help your search engine ranking.

Sponsored mentions will bring this credibility to a large social media audience. This is the “wild card” in the formula, because you never know when a mention by an influencer will set off viral sharing, resulting in thousands of views overnight.

The SEO campaign is a road map for the long haul. We will build on the momentum of the Kickstart and Sponsored mentions to lay down the groundwork for a sustained presence at the top of the search engines.

How long does it take? (Turnaround)

Each service and plan has a different turnaround time, based on the size and complexity. You’ll typically see results within 1-2 days with most plans.

Buy YouTube Views – You’ll see results within 1-3 days of ordering. Views are delivered organically, ranging from 500 – 3,000 views daily. Small plans such as 2k and 5k views are completed within a few days of starting, whereas larger plans such as 50k and 100k may take a few weeks.

Buy Likes & Comments – You’ll typically see results aligned with your YouTube Views. Small plans under 1000 Likes and 50 Comments are completed within a few days. Larger plans are completed within a week or two.

YouTube Subscribers – Results within 72 hours and delivered gradually. Turnaround time will vary from a few days to a few weeks based on plan size.

Social Promotion – As an Add-On service that piggybacks on your Social Proof, this service begins a few days after your YouTube Views are completed. From then, turnaround time is a few days.

SEO – Our SEO plans typically begin within 1 week. Turnaround time veries from a few weeks to a few months.

What about my privacy?

This is something that we take very seriously. All of our services are anonymous and discreet. We will never divulge your information to any third party. Our professional reputation rests on helping our clients, so we would never do anything to damage your brand’s image.

Are your services safe? Can my video get removed?

Our services are 100% compliant with YouTube’s Terms and Policies, so they are safe and very unlikely that your video will get removed. Of course, it is possible that your video could get banned if the content itself violates YouTube’s rules. Please check their website and read their rules carefully if you have any doubts.

Buying YouTube Views

Organic vs. Fast YouTube Views. What's the difference?

The main difference comes down to Speed vs. Quality.

Our Organic YouTube Views service has a primary focus on delivering the highest quality and safest views available. This takes time, so you end up gaining views at a natural, organic pace. The views are from a worldwide audience and the retention rate is organic (so it will vary based on our video content). There are little to no drawbacks with organic views.

Our Fast YouTube Views service has a primary focus on speed, drawing upon multiple tactics that we test daily. We can deliver views as quick as 50,000 per day. The views are from a worldwide audience and the retention rate is guaranteed at 60~90%. The drawback from this service is that some of the views may not always stick (dependent on YouTube changes), but we do include a 1-Year Replacement Guarantee just in case.

How does your Buy Views Service work?

Our YouTube views service is simple. You provide us with your video URL and we’ll promote it throughout our large network of websites and social networks (from Ad Spots and Popunders, to placements on articles and homepages) to deliver real, high-retention views at a steady and predicable rate.

Why are your views so cheap?

Our views costs less than half a penny ($0.005) per view. It’s cheap because it’s untargeted. It’s a great way to get a kickstart and gain social proof – but don’t expect likes, comments, subscribers or conversions when buying views.

What's the point of buying YouTube Views?

Buying YouTube Views is a quick, easy and affordable method of kickstarting your video and gaining a powerful force known as Social Proof. With more views, your video will attract more views naturally, from ranking better in search results to getting shared more often. People are drawn to popular things and that’s exactly what your video will be after buying views.

When will I see my views?

After placing your order, you’ll typically see the views pouring in within 3 days. Views are delivered at a natural pace of 500 to 3,000 views per day (it will vary day by day).

Are YouTube views from real people?

Of course! The YouTube Views we deliver are always from REAL PEOPLE.

We have never and will never deliver fake, bot or computer-generated views – it goes against our code of honor and puts your video at risk.

Can I buy views from my Non-English video?

Yes, you can buy views, likes and subscribers for any video, no matter the language.

However, our YouTube Comments, Social Promotion and SEO services are currently limited to English-based videos only.

Can I purchase views for any video?

Yes, you can purchase views for any video – as long as it doesn’t have restrictions.

Does Your YouTube Views service support Adsense?

No, we do not support Adsense with our YouTube Views service, and a STRONGLY RECOMMEND disabling YouTube Ads before purchasing views. There are very good reasons for this.

Our main goal is to deliver views to your video as quickly and safely as possible. Adsense distracts from that goal and decreases our own Visitor-to-Viewer conversion rate, making our service slower and less effective. As such, our system hides any Ads on your video, from the viewers we send you. This can decrease your Ad statistics and can potentially cause other complications with Adsense, so we recommend you disable Adsense while our YouTube Views campaign is running.

Buying YouTube Likes & Comments

How do we get you Likes and Comments?

We use our network of verified YouTube accounts to like and comment on your videos naturally from multiple locations.

We DON’T try to encourage normal viewers to like or comment through our service due to the unpredictable natural of YouTube users (ie. YouTube trolls, dislikes or negative comments). You wouldn’t be happy if you got a bunch of dislikes instead of likes… neither would we.

Can I order Likes, dislikes or comments seperately.

Yes you can. Order YouTube Likes, Dislikes and/or Comments through our YouTube Extras Plan.

Can I customize my comments?

What type of monsters would we be if you couldn’t customize your comments? Of course you can. When ordering comments, just enter any custom comments in the Text Box provided.

Buying YouTube Subscribers

How do we get you YouTube Subscribers?

We promote your YouTube Channel through our private network to drive up your subscribers. Subscribers are usually inactive, but do look real and genuine.

Are YouTube Subscribers Real?

YouTube Subscribers are usually inactive users, so they are unlikely to watch your videos. However, they do look real and will drive up your popularity and social credibility.

Will YouTube Subscribers unsubscribe?

Unlikely. When you order 1,000+ YouTube Subscribers, that’s what we promise and that’s what you get.

Just in case you do lose some subscribers in the future, we plan ahead. We’ll always over-deliver Subscribers and include 1-Year Retention Guarantee (warranty) on the subscribers you purchased.

Social Promotion FAQ

What is Social Promotion?

Social Promotion is an influencer marketing service, where we’ll get popular users on Social Media sharing and tweeting your video to thousands of targeted fans and followers – not only giving your video tons of exposure and views, but also sparking social buzz and getting others to share.

What influencers will promote my video?

We have a private network of targeted social media influencers who work with us. We’ll review your video and select the best influencers that match your target audience. Those targeted influencers will then share your video with their thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of targeted fans and followers.

How do Social Promotion plans work?

Social Promotion Plans are based on Reach, or the amount of targeted users your video will be exposed to when tweeted / posted by influencers.

Social Promotion Plans and Pricing

25k Social Reach (2~3 influencers) — $40
50k Social Reach (3~5 influencers) — $75
100k Social Reach (5~8 influencers) — $100
250k Social Reach (8~12 influencers) — $250
500k Social Reach (12~20 influencers) — $500
1M+ Social Reach (20~30 influencers) — $1,000

For example, if you select the 50k Social Reach plan, your video will be promoted by 3 to 5 popular influencers to an audience of over 50,000 targeted fans & followers. In most cases, these sponsored tweets and posts will receive plenty of natural shares and retweets for additional exposure and impact.

What type of results can I expect?

Results with our Social Promotion plans vary since the contents and quality of the video being promoted matter a lot. It can lead from  few thousand extra views, all the way up to a viral video with million of views. It really depends on your video’s content and how good and sharable it is.

While we don’t discriminate on the YouTube videos we work with, here’s our experience with video quality and campaign results:

A bad, unoriginal or low-quality video may gain some views from the campaign, but may not get shared by other users. This will lead to a cut and dry campaign.

A good, original or high-quality video may gain a lot more views from the campaign as a result of getting initial viewers engaged and sharing to their fans and followers.

Do you guarantee views from your Social Promotion service?

Unfortunately, no. Results vary widely based on video content and quality, so we can’t guarantee every campaign will be a raging success.

If you feel confident your video is awesome and people would love it, we’d definitely recommend trying Social Promotion. If you don’t think your video is awesome material, we’d recommend sticking with just our buy views service (and maybe buying some extra likes). 🙂