Is Buying YouTube Views Safe?

YouTube 101

– Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Views?

Buying YouTube views is an interesting option for YouTubers. It offers the video creators and businesses a guaranteed approach to gaining the views and more importantly, the popularity they crave. However, it’s usually clouded in mystery due to low-quality providers using cheap and unreliable methods to deliver these views. Here at BuyViews, we want to really talk about the safety side of Buying YouTube Views – what we do to ensure your video’s safety and what other companies fail at.

As most YouTubers know, YouTube routinely checks views to verify their authenticity. If they determine the views are fake, low-quality or irrelevant (ie. low-retention rate), either they won’t count them or (more recently) they’ll remove them if they counted them before. In rare cases, YouTube may even remove videos if they deem their views are mostly fake or irrelevant.

So, is Buying YouTube views safe? Yes and No. Buying YouTube views safely is all about quality and choosing the right provider – such as BuyViews. It can become unsafe if you choose a provider that uses cheap or unsafe methods such as bots or click-farms.


How To Stay Safe


1. Disable Adsense On Your YouTube Video

youtube-views-turn-adsense-offIf you buy views for a particular video, and that video starts getting lots of views, this probably won’t convert to more clicks on your Adsense ads. This can cause of drop in the click-through rates of your Adsense account. Google Adsense could even close your account, due to invalid activity if you suddenly get a lot of clicks on a particular ad. Your best bet is turn off Adsense ads on any videos you are buying views for. You can turn them back on afterwards.

2. Make Sure Views Are Delivered Gradually

Gradual youtube views deliveryMake sure the views are spread out, and not completed all at once. Otherwise, it might look suspicious and may raise some red flags (if not now, later on). At BuyViews, we also deliver views gradually and from multiple sources to avoid any complications, but we can’t most of our competitors do the same. For example, when we’re tasked to deliver 100,000+ YouTube Views to a video, we do so gradually over the course of a few months as we source for the best viewers for better retention and engagement. We don’t do it the fastest or laziest way possible.

3. Use a service that delivers real views

buying fake youtube views will cost youMake sure the views you are paying for are real views and not coming from bots, automated software or clicking farms. As mentioned in the introduction, YouTube may delete videos if the views it receives come from mostly bots or has a low retention. It’s important to ensure views come from real people, but also that those watching your video actually care enough to watch.

4. Use a service that offers a guarantee

Buying Likes Views and Comments GuaranteeBefore you sign up for a YouTube views plan, it’s extremely important to ensure they offer the proper guarantees, warranties, privacy policies and refund policy. For example, the BuyViews team backed their High-Retention YouTube Views service with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and a 1-Year Warranty, in addition to a strong privacy policy. Unfortunately, most companies providing YouTube views don’t offer any of these assurances.

5. Include Likes and Comments

EngagementsYou should also consider adding likes and comments when purchasing YouTube views. While users may engage with your video naturally, purchased views generally have lower engagement rates than average (this includes BuyViews’ service as well). Purchasing additional likes, dislikes, comments and even subscribers can help guarantee these results, make your video look more reputable and help your video and YouTube channel grow by ranking better in search results.

Get Started Buying YouTube Views

As you can see, if you follow our tips and suggestions, buying YouTube views can be a very safe and optimal marketing option. If you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of video marketing, BuyViews can help. We offer many different YouTube Views plans, with the option to add likes, comments, and subscribers. We offer a guaranteed program to help you promote your video for more real views!