Vine Loops


Vine Loops

Get Real, High-Quality Loops for your vine.

Vine Loops

Let us get you Real, High-Quality Vine Loops for your vines.


Get Real Vine Loops

Order now and let our team promote your Vine to attract thousands of loops, sourced from popular websites, blogs, apps and social media. All loops are from real people and guaranteed to be high-retention, safe and anonymous.


Important Highlights

Money-Back Guarantee

 ✓  Real Views from real people
 ✓  100% Viewer Retention
 ✓  Delivered Naturally
 ✓  100% Safe & Proven Marketing
 ✓  No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee
 ✓  100% Money-Back Guarantee



How does Buy Vine Loops work?

Once you place an order for loops, our team will promote your vine across multiple websites and social media channels to drive real viewers. We’ve been able to optimize the effectiveness of our campaigns so can guarantee results.

When will I see results?

We’ll begin most orders within 24 hours, but usually quicker.

Are loops from real people?

Absolutely! We always source loops from reputable sources to attract real viewers to your vine. We NEVER use bots, clickfarms or scripts to deliver loops.

Are loops delivered all at once?

Sometimes. Loops are typically delivered at a natural pace as a result of our marketing tactics. While it’s possible to see a lot of loops come in at once (depends on the website or channel you video appears on), they are usually delivered naturally over the course of several hours or days.

Can my Vine get removed?

Your vine will NEVER get removed due to our services. We use safe promotional methods that are Vine approved, so your vine is safe.

Can I get a free trial?

No. However, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee with every order, so if we fail to deliver or you’re unsatisfied, we’ll provide you with a refund.

Can I lose loops?

No. We only deal with real viewers, so this is never a problem.

Will viewers watch my entire vine?

Yes, we guarantee a 100% retention with all viewers / loops.

How many Vine views can I buy?

Our largest plan is for 10 Million Loops (we’ve delivered this before for Vines). We may be able to deliver more, but we haven’t tried… yet.

Social Promotion

We offer Social Promotion, an influencer marketing service that gets a crowd of relevant, popular influencers promoting your vine to their thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of active followers on Twitter, Facebook and other high-impact social platforms.


Social Promotion gives you the ability to reach your audience immediately and through the people they loyally follow on Social Media. Unlike Ads and other paid channels that are typically ignored, Social Promotion relies on native tweets and posts to get your vine shared and seen by the people you’re targeting.

Just imagine a dozen of the most popular people in your industry sharing and actively trying to get their Twitter followers and Facebook Fans to watch your vine. Not very hard to do and the impact on your vine can be tremendous.

Choose Your Plan

Social Promotion plans are based on minimum Social Reach, or the total amount of active followers the influencers participating in your campaign must have. All campaigns have also guarantee a minimum of 3 influencers – this varies based on Social Reach and the following of individual influencers.