YouTube Marketing On The Cheap

7 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos On A Budget

Your graphic design and marketing department just created a KILLER video all about your company’s latest and greatest product. But unfortunately, the production budget came in a bit higher than originally projected, leaving you with limited funds for marketing the video masterpiece.

Pay-per-click ads, via Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, can get a bit expensive if you’re not a PPC expert. And press release services, such as PR Web and PR Newswire, charge anywhere from $100 for a single basic release, to over $500 for their deluxe press release packages.

So what’s a company to do to get more views on your new YouTube video, without breaking the bank? Here are our top seven favorite ways to promote your YouTube video while on a budget. Learn how-to promote your YouTube channel to get more views, likes, shares and comments on your videos without spending a fortune.

1. Free Press Release Services

Writing a press release to announce your new YouTube video is still a viable option for driving traffic to your videos. An alternative to the expensive press release services is to send your release to one of the many FREE pr services. PR Log, Newsvine, Free Press Release and 1888 Press Release are just a few sites that allow you to submit your press release at no charge.

Freelance writer and blogger Brian Scott wrote an in-depth article on Free Press Release Distribution Sites for 2014, which is worth a read. He mentions that using press releases as a marketing tool will help you build valuable back links to your website, increase traffic to your website or blog, and help you rank higher in SERP (search engine results pages).

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a dead marketing tool. Put that company database, filled with customer emails, to work for you. Email blasts, e-newsletters or a series of emails, when properly thought out and executed, are all great, inexpensive ways to help market your new YouTube video.

If you aren’t using a specific program to send out marketing emails on a regular basis, take the time to research the top email services like MailChimp, Constant Contact and InfusionSoft. And finally, make sure any emails you send out end with your signature, which includes ALL your company’s social media profiles – and don’t forget the link to your YouTube channel!


3. BuyViews YouTube Marketing Service is a YouTube video marketing service. The company helps a business get high-quality views, likes and comments on their videos with a 100% money-back guarantee. Why would anyone want to buy YouTube views? That’s a very good question!

Buying views for your video is a quick and affordable way to promote your new videos, by tapping into the powerful force of social proof. Videos with lots of views get shared more often, attracting even more natural views, helping your videos rank higher in search engine results. BuyViews targets their video promotion services to both B2B and B2C clients, with plans starting from as low as $15.

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4. Video Search Engine Optimization

SEO isn’t just for websites and landing pages. Take the time to properly optimize your videos for search engines. Optimize the title, description, file name and tags used for each of your videos by adding the right keywords, popular search phrases and longtail keyword phrases.

The keywords and phrases are related to the topic of your video – what are people typing in Google, and other search engines, when looking for your company’s products and services? If you don’t know who the target market is for your video, then you might want to enlist the help of a SEO analyst. Search Engine Optimization specialists can help you optimize your videos, websites and other digital marketing materials.

And once you’ve properly optimized your videos, there are even more ways to get views. Comment on similar videos you find on YouTube, promote your optimized videos on all your social media sites and don’t forget to add your videos to your website or blog.

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5. Social Media Marketing

Well, you might think this is obvious, but you probably aren’t using your social media presence to its best advantage for video marketing. Take the time to create a separate message for each of your social media accounts, no one wants to follow a company that posts the exact SAME message to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. It’s time to get creative!

Besides the top social sites, look into other social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr, to help you market your latest videos. If you are having a hard time keeping all your social media accounts filled with great, relevant content, ask your co-workers for help. If your marketing manager isn’t active on social media, ask that intern with the smart-phone stuck to the side of their face for help marketing your latest video. The intern may even have an idea or two you didn’t think of. How about cross marketing the video on Vine, Vimeo or Metacafe? Food for thought.

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6. Blog Articles

Do you have a blog on your company website? Then you can write an informative and entertaining blog post for each of your videos. Pop on over to YouTube to get the code so you can embed the video in the body of the blog article. Make sure to add a specific CTA to each blog. The CTA, or Call to Action, should ask readers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

A really interesting idea is to transcribe the video into the body of the blog article. That way all the content being discussed in the video will now be searchable by Google and other search engines. You can also add the transcribed text, or video script, to the description area of the YouTube video.

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7. Guest Blogging Still Works

Don’t discount the power of the guest blog post. You can write articles for other websites and blogs based on the topics covered in your YouTube videos. Sign up for HARO – Help a Reporter Out. They will send out emails, usually twice a day, with a summary of call-for-submissions from other authors and website owners. You might be asked for a quote, a single paragraph or an entire article based on the information the journalist is looking for. Most guest post opportunities will allow you to add a brief biographical sentence or two to the end of the article. And you should be able to include at least one link in the author bio, which can point back to your website, blog or YouTube channel.

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Become a go-to source of information for local and national publications. You should get in the habit of contacting local newspapers when your company has a new product or service to promote. Most newspapers have an online version, which you can search to see if they are looking for articles for the local news section.

Take the time to establish relationships with local journalists, editors and publishers and you may become known as an expert in your field. We’ve heard of marketing departments, with a dedicated content specialist on staff, getting contacted by local and national media. Imagine that, reporters and journalists calling you up when they need help on a story or article they are writing, on the very products and services offered by your business. You too can become known as the GADGET GURU, or EYEBALL EXPERT, or – well, you get the idea!

A Final Word on YouTube Video Marketing
Did this article whet your appetite for effective ways to market your YouTube video? If you are ready to dive-in to video marketing, but have had disappointing results in the past, help is here! Contact the experts at BuyViews and get more views, likes and comments for each of your company’s videos.